Ambulatory Nursing


Sabine Dismer


  In Celle and the south-east rural district of Celle, Hänigsen, Ehlershausen, Nienhagen and Wathlingen, “Ambulatory Nursing Sabine Dismer“ and about 20 staff are active in home old aged and sick care. Taking good care of our patients is most important for our qualified nurses. The attendance for each patient is set up individually. We also work together with doctors, hospitals and therapists. This is important so that old, sick or invalid people can be taken care of in the best possible way around the clock.
We have an efficient
computer system which allows for exact planning and accounting. Besides in our “Service Point“ is a guestroom for out-of-town guests. So it is possible to continue one's studies with out-of-town guests and to build contacts which are out of national boundaries.

“Ambulatory Nursing“ is part of the Deutscher Berufsverband für Krankenpflegeberufe (German professional association of nursing-professions) which exists since 1991 and is a reliable partner in home care. Pflegezentrum Peter Grote is active in the region Hanover / Burgdorf.


How you can find us.... ... and our weather
Your way to our HQ "An Schapers Eichen" in Celle

Your way to our Service Point in Nienhagen
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Your way to our HQ "Hannoversche Heerstraße 119" in Celle